One Direction accused of stealing from The Clash

A legendary punk band would seem an unlikely source of inspiration for a boy band popular with the world’s tweenies. That hasn’t stopped the angry Twitterati from accusing One Direction of plagiarising The Clash on their new single.

Many Twitter users have suggested that the opening bars of One Direction’s song 'Live While We’re Young' have been stolen from The Clash’s classic 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' (the band’s only number one).

Tweets included "I hope One Direction are paying royalties to The Clash for that crap rip off of Should I Stay Or Go opening riff" and "One Direction's new song sounds like what I imagine Satan's tribute to The Clash would sound like, but slightly more melodic."

The boys are hardly likely to be too concerned about the possibility of having to throw a few quid in the direction of Clash songwriter Mick Jones. It has been estimated that in the last two years One Direction have made around £100 million from record sales, merchandise, endorsements and tour revenues.

Music Week editor Tim Ingham told NME: "Even if you're in a band which is staunchly anti-brand deals; even if you're all about the music and regard Harry Styles' blinding grin as symbolic of music's blackened commercialisation, you can still take heart from the 1D phenomenon".

The cash will continue to roll in when One Direction release their second album, Take Me Home, in November. Whether it will feature any more songs notably influenced by The Clash must be a matter of some doubt.

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