One Direction launch new range of make-up

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One Direction's career plans would seem to entail a move away from the tedious business of making music for pre-teens towards the more lucrative product endorsement field. They have teamed up with MUA Cosmetics to launch a range of make up targeted fairly ruthlessly at girls too young to need make-up.

They have even called it the Little Things Collection, available only in the high street Superdrug chain. The boy band have put their name to a range of lipsticks, lip polishes, cheek tints and nail polish, just to annoy the UK's parents even further. Those advisors who had suggested that the boys needed to get a little more masculine to win over the American MidWest must be tearing their hair out.

The Little Things Collection does seem to suggest that the band have advisors who will accept any commercial tie-in provided the cash is right, Embarrassingly, the lip glosses are labelled: "Harry loves Strawberry, Zayn loves Watermelon, Louis loves Vanilla, Niall loves Cherry, Liam loves Blueberry." The 'Kiss You' Lipstick range also features the colours 'Moments', 'Be Mine', 'I Wish', 'Rock Me' and 'I Want'.

The band's seemingly inexorable rise to global domination has never been too concerned about dignity however. The boys will probably also be unconcerned that one American, Miley Cyrus, is not a huge fan.

"Don't ask me to name a song or something because I can't do that. I know what they look like," Cyrus said, adding that One Direction were more her 13 year-old sister's thing. "I think I met Harry, I think, backstage, I don't really remember that much. I just remember my sister was super excited. I don't really know them that much, that is bad but I listen to urban." Urban? Surely it doesn't get any more urban than having your branded lipstick in every Superdrug?

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