One Direction - the movie

One Direction are planning a movie, although they haven’t decided if it will be a comedy or a documentary – or a comedy documentary. It’s the latest move for the Simon Cowell signings to cash in on their success before they hit the boyband equivalent of old age – their early 20s.

Dollar signs lit up in the group’s management's eyes when they realised that Justin Bieber’s film Never Say Never pulled in £60million at the box office for the Canadian. In between feverishly doing the sums on the office calculator, a source told The Sun: "US film experts are speculating that the One Direction film would be similar to Justin’s movie and will be a big money-spinner for the boys."

Like the overgrown kids they are, the One Direction members are more excited about the idea of the film being in 3D than commercial considerations. "The film could be exciting," Harry Styles said. "My hair would be poking in your eye." OK, Citizen Kane it ain’t likely to be.

The source said that it is likely to be 2013 before shooting starts on the project. "It’s early days but it’s something that their management and label are excited about. It may be documentary footage mixed with a concert film, or it could even be a comedy caper in the style of old Monkees films. All options are open."

Ah, The Monkees, that clean-cut band constructed by TV moguls to provide catchy but bland melodies for American teens. They discovered psychedelic drugs shortly afterwards and made some experimental and radical music. Now there’s an intriguing potential career avenue for the One Direction boys. . .

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