One Direction's Harry Styles feeds bisexual rumours after insisting gender of partner not important

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During a question and answer session with fans, One Direction's Harry Styles poured petrol on previous rumours that he is bisexual by saying that when he looks for a partner gender is of secondary importance after personality. Styles was being interviewed along with band-mate Liam Payne when the interviewer conveyed a fan question to them asking the duo what they would look for in a potential partner.

The exact question read "Four favourite traits you look for in a lady?". Payne responded with a quick fire "Female, that’s a good trait" which prompted Harry to cut across him with "Not that important" which drew a chortle from Liam.

The interviewer then pressed them to name 4 traits and Harry added "a sense of humour", "natural" and "someone who is nice" as three important traits before saying "You’re not going to go out with a d***head, are you? Twitter lit up in the aftermath of the interview with one tweeter, @danwootton, summarising what was happening saying "This whole Harry Styles thing beyond annoying. If his words are this over analysed, he'll never say anything fun in an interview again."

These events are certainly not the first time that Styles has had vague sound bites regarding his sexuality picked up on. In 2013 during an interview with GQ magazine he was asked if he was bisexual and he responded with "Bisexual? Me? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not."

Styles has had a string of high profile relationships with women such as Taylor Swift, Caroline Flack and model Cara Delevingne so it seems that they each must have some of the traits he mentioned in the interview. This whole episode gives a clear insight into exactly how hard it is to be a celebrity who is constantly in the spotlight.

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