One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson appears to say he is gay on Vine clip

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A Vine clip with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson where the singer appears to say he is gay has been doing the rounds online. And it has caused quite a ruckus with fans of the band taking up a strong positions on one side of the fence or the other.

The Vine snippet captures Louis as he is partying down under on a break during the band's Australian tour. He appears to be heard to say "I'm gay, it's pretty unfortunate." But apparently all is not what it seems as witnesses to the situation have said that Tomlinson was in fact just commenting that it was unfortunate that another party goer shared the same birthday as him.

The clip was originally posted by @booomitsbieber who was in attendance when a slightly drunk Tomlinson uttered his debatable remarks. And it didn't take long for #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate to begin trending as discussion reached fever pitch.

However, @booomitsbieber, aka Ty, has called for people to stop overreacting and "stop changing the truth" as he tweeted "HE DIDN'T SAY IT AND THAT'S IT!" He also tweeted "I feel like if I heard Louis say "I'm gay" I would have reacted like everyone else is now but I heard with my own ears he did not say that...".

Tomlinson has angrily denied he is gay in the past and no doubt this debacle will not be welcomed warmly by him and his current girlfriend Eleanor Caldor. Louis has since in an unrelated move, changed his profile picture on Twitter to a generic egg and One Direction fans have been working hard to get the hashtag #LouisWhyAreYouAnEGG trending as high as possible as a way of taking the .

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