One Direction's Louis Tomlinson completes takeover of Doncaster Rovers

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Louis Tomlinson has become a football club owner after completing a takeover of Doncaster Rovers, the club he supported as a boy. The move was on-again-off-again for a while as negotiations broke down over 22 year old Tomlinson's image rights but that has all been resolved now.

Tomlinson is said to be over the moon at the takeover which puts him in control of his hometown club. He has also played for Doncaster's reserve side where he go the chance to showcase his footballing skills in a game against Barnsley. More than 10,000 fans turned up to see him play demonstrating the kind of pulling power he could be bringing to the club.

Former Doncaster chairman John Ryan will be coming on bard as part of the takeover. He left his position at the club last November but will return to play a pivotal role in overseeing the clubs affairs. Ryan's involvement will ensure that it will not be a Football Manager scenario and things will be done the right way.

The added interest of having a pop star at the helm of the club could mean a huge influx of finance for Doncaster. Tomlinson is no stranger to the limelight and will be relishing the chance to progress Doncaster Rovers into the Championship and ultimately even the Premier League.

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