One hell of a rockstar hissy fit

Seems like someone rocked up to a gig in a pram and then proceeded to throw all his toys out of it: quirky bete-noir of the rock scene, Jack White of band 'The Dead Weather', insulted the crowd at the Don Hill's secret bash on Wednesday by accusing them of not getting into the vibe of the event as they were being 'hip motherf***ers', NME reveals.

The concert, which was a secretly advertised relaunch party for Don Hill's, was attended by such fashionably nonchalant celebs such as Liv Tyler, Sean Lennon and Mary-Kate Olsen, as well as hundreds of New Yorkers who apparently, weren't in the mood to 'rock out.'

During 'The Dead Weather''s set, White took offence at this lack of interest, shouting out 'Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip motherfuckers!'. He also stopped mid-way through the gig and tried to have someone in the front row thrown out for taking photos of the band.

However, this storm in a teacup finally blew out and White later reappeared, offering an apology: 'I'm sorry I blew up at you guys earlier'.

Next time, we recommend some pre-recorded screaming and wailing to get you in the mood, Jack.

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