One way to help boost album sales

One way of helping to boost sales of your debut solo album is to say something slightly controversial, that way column inches the world over get filled with your nonsense, more people read it and hopefully more people will buy your album. That’s the deal.

Everyman and his dog (for legal reason’s we have to state this is NOT a reference to Jordan) has rolled their PR juggernaunt into Hacksville and today it looks like the turn of The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers. Shooting the breeze to Shortlist the Las Vegan committed his undying bro-love for none other than our very own Jonathan Ross.

‘I loved Jonathan Ross. We have David Letterman and Jay Leno and I love Jimmy Kimmel, but I think that Jonathan Ross was the king’ he said in the interview, adding; ‘I don't know much about him leaving the BBC, but I do know that the world's a better place with him doing his thing.’

Oh, the name of Brandon’s album? ‘Flamingo’, and it’s out now.

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