Lil’ Wayne might have been banged for a year, but that hasn’t stopped his mischievous ways. As if being in the clink in the first place wasn’t bad enough, the superstar rapper and producer and all-round nutcase has been caught with contraband by the screws at Riker’s Island prison in New York, but don’t worry, it’s not a cache of weed, or a load of self-made chivs to cut up fellow inmates who are annoying him; it’s a humble old MP3 player.

The banned music maker was found in a routine sweep of the housing area where Wayne has been detained. A charger for said player was found alongside headphones in a crisp packet in his bin, while the actual player itself was subsequently found in another inmate’s cell. Prisoners at Rikers are only allowed to buy a standard AM/FM radio and headphones at the commissary, so our hero will most likely be getting some sort of slapped wrist. Probably with a truncheon.

‘We found the items wrapped in an aluminum potato chip bag, in a garbage can,’ a prison source told FoxNews.com. ‘Some discipline can follow.’ Chuck a few quid their way, Wayne, you’ll soon be home and hosed.

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