Original Sugababes to reform?

This week appears to be the week of reunions: not only are old indie types weeing their pants at the thought of a Stone Roses reunion (which is almost 100 per cent on, from the looks of it), pop heroines The Sugababes could be reforming as well. Which given that Mutya Buena managed to secure the rights to the groups name, could spell the end for the updated version of the group.

According to the rumours, which came from online pop gossip font Wot You Got, the band are looking to record new material before they make any official announcement. That's some pretty big news right there though, isn't it?

'We’ve been told that the original three haven’t signed anything official yet, but they have been demoing some new songs to see if they can re-capture that magic of their debut album,' said the gossip website. 'If they get that right, then they’ll sign on the dotted lines.'

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