Out on bail

His dad wrote 'Another Brick in the Wall' - but Charlie Gilmour found himself branded a word that rhymes with 'brick' for his riotous actions during last week's tuition fees protests.

The son of Pink Floyd founder David Gilmour, Oxford student Charlie was roundly condemned for attempting to climb the Cenotaph, the tribute to Britain's war dead in Whitehall. Gilmour issued a grovelling apology for his actions, saying, 'I would like to express my deepest apologies for the terrible insult to the thousands of people who died bravely for our country that my actions represented. I feel nothing but shame,' but also noting that he didn't know it was the Cenotaph at the time.

Well, it seemed sincere, but it clearly wasn't enough for the police. Gilmour was arrested on Sunday and held overnight before being released on bail this afternoon, the NME reports. The arrest was for violent disorder and causing criminal damage, but there's no word yet on whether he's been charged.

And all this tuition fees fuss from the man whose dad said kids 'don't need no education'...

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