Ozzy Osbourne to donate body to museum

He may not be the perfect human specimen but Ozzy Osbourne is a true one off and someone who should be preserved as long as possible. Well, that’s what the rock god thinks of himself at least.

50 per cent talking and 50 per cent dribbling, the Prince Of Darkness told The Sunday Times that once he dies he wants his body to be put on display in a museum so the world can gaze and study him in awe: ‘By all accounts I'm a medical miracle. When I die, I should donate my body to the Natural History Museum. It's all very well going on a bender for a couple of days - but mine went on for 40 years. At one point I was knocking back four bottles of cognac a day, blacking out, coming to again, and carrying on.’

After taking a swig of cognac, he continued: ‘While filming 'The Osbournes' I was also shoving 42 types of prescription medication down my neck, morning, noon and night - and that was before all the dope I was smoking in my 'safe' room, away from the cameras. Meanwhile, I used to get through cigars like they were cigarettes.’

Insert Ozzy being the missing link joke here.

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