Ozzy Osbourne’s new band?

Us humans are such a fickle bunch that when it comes to music, we’re judgemental to the nth degree. Admit it: we're happy to have a pop at just about anyone simply because they’re willing to try something new, or a little unorthodox to their norm. Well that’s what Ozzy Osbourne thinks...

The Prince Of Darkness says he’d like to release different types of music (instead of the usual RAWK) but feels he can’t for fear of getting a good pasting from anyone and everyone. So he wants to get around it by inventing a secret ‘fictitious band’.

Talking to WENN about it he said: ‘having all those hits through Sabbath and then on my solo career is one thing, but then if I want to do anything branching away from the heavy stuff, people will go, 'Oh, he's sold out. Oh, he's not doing it. Oh, he's singing a love song. Oh, he's singing about the…' or whatever.’

He added: ‘I would like to form a fictitious band just to make a different record, but it’s the time it would take… I mean, it takes me all my time just to do an Ozzy record. But I would dearly like to get a mini-supergroup together. Nothing like heavy rock, like a bluesy vibe.’

The ‘Tinchy Stryder is actually Ozzy Osbourne in disguise’ rumours start here.

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