Panic on the streets of Hamburg

Yet another Morrissey gig has caused controversy; this time Big M had a fan thrown out for making a wise-crack about one of his jokes. The incident happened whilst The Smiths legend was performing in the Germany city of Hamburg.) During his set he made a quip about ‘Hamburgers’, saying they should be called ‘Hamburgists’. A member of the crowd shouted back ‘f**k you’, so Mozzer halted the show and quickly had the culprit ejected.

‘Go. We don't need you, we don't need you’ insisted the singer, ‘and you can f**k yourself’.

This is one in a string of incidents that have occurred on Morrissey’s current tour; he recently abandoned a gig in Liverpool after a scally threw what looked like a bottle of beer at his head.

Watch the Hamburg moment below. You've got to love Youtube and cheap camera phones.....

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