Panic on the streets of Las Vegas

Swindon, Bournemouth, Hamburg, Liverpool and London have all missed out on seeing Smiths legend Morrissey perform this year thanks to a string of random incidents and now Las Vegas has been added to the rising list after he was forced to cancel a show because he had ‘blown his voice out’.

According to Contact Music, the Moz-father halted his set short at the casino capital on Friday (4 Dec) after only 40 minutes after the singer refused to carry on after seeing gig goers; drunk, fighting and throwing-up. Leading to the following days show being canceled with the excuse that he’d lost his voice.

Other incidents that affected this world tour include; Morrissey collapsing onstage in Swindon, a fan throwing a beer at him in Liverpool and Mozzer ejecting a spectator in Hamburg because he didn’t find his joke funny.

If this was a PR tactic to sell some more tickets, then you’d have to say it’s been very finely executed. Of course though, it’s not.

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