Papa's got a brand new bag

A bandmember of one of the world's most influential rock bands at the moment will have to get used to shouting and screaming coming not from adoring fans, but from his newborn baby son, Knox Cameron Patrick Followill, who was born a few weeks to wife Johanna Bennett, Rolling Stone reveals.

Nathan, who's cousins constitute two of the other band members of the 'Kings of Leon', could soon be attending the wedding of lead singer Caleb to model Lily Aldridge later this year, will little Knox in tow.

'Knox Cameron Patrick Followill was born on April 22. 1:02 p.m. in Nashville. The rockin' baby weighed in at 6 lbs., 10 oz.'

'Mother, father and baby are happy and healthy and doing well!" the rep for Followill, 26, adds.'

Maybe new dad Nathan will have to get used to making music solely with his band for a couple of months rather than with his wife. 3am nappy-calls: not so rock'n'roll, it seems.

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