Paramore singer's topless pictures on Twitter

The sunnier side to cyber crime has been revealed recently, as naked pictures of Paramore's lead singer Hayley Williams have appeared on the social networking site, and general blogging free-for-all, Twitter. Topless pictures of the star appeared on the site apparently without the star's knowledge or consent and, whilst some sources claim that Williams may have accidentally uploaded the pics herself (we think in a moment of dutch courage after having a few), she blames cyber nerds for hacking her account.

Where are those bygone days of celebrities stepping out of a taxi at a premiere in the full knowledge they were not wearing underwear, or falling out of a top on their way out of a bar? Blaming the world wide web for your coy PR stunt seems a little far-fetched – what next: recession depression blamed for star’s inability to keep clothes on? Maybe we're onto something there...

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