Paramore unveil new song 'Renegade'

Fans of pop-punk outfit Paramore are set to be delighted with the following news: the band showcased a new song, thought to be their new single, during a recent gig, and you can hear it below. Hooray!

The band played the track, called 'Renegade', at a recent show in New York. It's the first time they've played the song live, having mostly used it as intro music for the recent gigs.

'We are about to play a song we've never ever played before,' said singer Hayley Williams before playing the song. 'We'll be putting this song online for you guys to have as soon as we can, as soon as possible, we're working on it. It's called 'Renegade'.

Back in March, we recorded a handful of songs (including 'Monster') with Rob Cavallo which we promised we'd get to you this year. 'Renegade' is the first song of the three that are left to be released.'

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