Paris Hilton set to release new EDM album. Music dies a little more inside

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One has to wonder sometimes if the very existence of Paris Hilton isn’t some elaborate joke. A biting parody of society’s bizarre descent into the cult of the meaningless. An extreme symbol of glib vacancy and the ultimate mirror for a parasitic culture. Sadly – she is all of those things and more – but the joke is entirely on us.

Following her recent foray into DJing – where she pouted like a third rate porn star and waved a Brazillian flag while an excruciating pre recorded mix of drivel rang out and a technician pressed buttons for her, she is now working on her second album. In her defence - as a ‘DJ’ – at least she made no pretence of actually doing anything while on stage, unlike so many commercial DJ’s who twiddle knobs furiously on mixers that aren’t plugged in – before pretending to be the second coming with outstretched arms and an ejaculatory look on their faces.

Anyway – she has now apparently been signed by Cash Money Records – home to such creative heavyweights as L’il Wayne and the disturbingly plastic Nicki Minaj. She released a track with the ridiculous Wayne – who doubtless has the likes of Public Enemy and KRS One wondering where it all went wrong – last year and has guested in a video for the label recently.

Hilton has informed the eminent music bible, ‘Showbiz 411’ that she is planning to have the album out by summer. She went on to say that this magnum opus will feature a number of hip-hop acts, including Weezy, and production from EDM DJ and former squeeze Afrojack. "This is a lot different than my first album," Paris told the site with a straight face. "It's really going to be house music."

"I think a lot of people don't know that music is my passion since I was a little girl," she went on record to MTV as saying. "I'm very musically talented."

One can only hope that Banksy has another slice of subversion up his sleeve for the heiress after he notoriously let loose on her first album. Then again – no matter how much her complete lack of any substance is pointed out – she remains blissfully oblivious and people keep paying her money to be herself. It’s a funny old world

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