Patrick Wolf cleans up

In a world full of clowns, at least Patrick Wolf takes himself seriously. The singer-songwriter, who seems to play any instrument as long as it has an exotic name, has said his next album will be ‘clean’ compared to his previous outing.

Interviewed by the NME, Wolf revealed that the forthcoming record will not have the same harshness of 2009's The Bachelor.

He said: ‘I wanted to get away from the industrial element of the last album.

‘I wanted to get away from any noises or frequencies that were provocative in terms of noise. It was important to me to make a very clean album.’

A back to basics approach will certainly be appreciated by those with sensitive hearing. Furthermore, the aloof star added that he’s traded in his trademark glam image. He explained: ‘It's become the convention now: a persona, an ego, theatre, big shoulder pads and attitude. I'm not really interested if that's become the mainstream.’

Wolf’s fifth studio album was due to be called The Conqueror, but the pretentious name has not stuck. Last year the singer claimed to have binned the proposed title, claiming he has ‘grown up a lot from that battle aggression’ since first planning the record.

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