Paul McCartney’s iTunes joy

A chuffed Paul McCartney has claimed that a ‘whole new generation’ can discover the music of the Beatles, now the group’s back catalogue is finally available online . After a long running dispute between EMI and computer giant Apple was resolved, the Fab Four's albums and singles were made available on iTunes internet last month.

McCartney was eager for the group’s material to be made available digitally so the youth of today can have access to the songs.

He tells the Liverpool Echo: ‘I think people thought it was us holding it up, but that was just the record companies. We've always wanted it to go onto iTunes. If that's the way people are listening now, then that's great.

‘That's the amazing thing about the Beatles' stuff. When we were in the Beatles we thought our popularity might last 10 years, if that. It lasted even longer than that, and now it's just gone mad. There's a whole new generation out there listening to those songs.

The other day I was trying to think what it must be like to be a teenager now who likes the Beatles. I suppose it's like me listening to Nat King Cole when I was a kid.

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