Paul Simon says …

Paul Simon has revealed that he’s ’amazed’ at just how long his career has been.

But the genius that gave us Graceland confessed his insecurity at being able to constantly come up with new material.

‘There's no guarantee you'll ever have an idea for a new song,’ he told Uncut. ‘ I never assume that it's going to continue indefinitely. In fact, I'm kind of amazed that it has gone on for so long. I was 13 or 14 when I started to write songs.’

He continued: ‘For whatever reasons, though, I have this self-doubt. I think Philip Larkin probably poisoned my mind. I really like his poetry, but I don't want to read it too much because it takes me to a dark place. But he stopped writing and people asked him why and he just said: 'The muse deserted me'.’

Simon added that the pressure of improving on previous recordings compounds his fears, saying: ’I've never presumed that I will always be able to write, that there'll always be things I want to write about, unless you just repeat yourself. ‘

‘Some people like to do the same thing every time. I don't, simple as that.’

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