Paul Weller & Liam Gallagher team up

The Gallaghers have never been shy in stating their love for 80s modfathers The Jam, so there’s always been an whiff of hope in the air that the two would one day work together. Although Paul Weller has often guested at various Noel Gallagher shows, he’s yet to work his magic alongside younger brother Liam - that is until now.

To show his love for The Jam, Liam Gallagher named his fashion label Pretty Green after one of their songs and now Mr Weller is to repay the vocalist by designing a whole line of clothes for his label. Talking to Prettygreen.com about his new hobby Weller said: ‘I've got designs for suits, jackets, shoes - I've been talking to Liam about them. It's the same principle as what he's doing, really - stuff I'd wear myself.'

He added: ‘Nick Holland, Pretty Green's creative director measured me up and it turned out top. It's double-breasted, grey with a chalk stripe. Almost like a gangster suit, but with a little kick to the trousers.’

So, at last they are working together but unfortunately it’s in the fashion studio and not the recording studio. One day, definitely, maybe.

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