P.Diddy: more than a diddly fortune

Sean John Combes, better known as rapper, fashion designer, actor and record producer P.Diddy(or just Diddy to some) has topped the latest ‘richest men in hip hop’ list compiled by Forbes magazine.

The rapper’s fortune, generated by his vodka brand Ciroc, his Bad Boy Worldwide record label and his Sean John clothing brand, is estimated at $475 million- leaving fellow rapper Jay- Ztrailing behind him in second place with a meagre $450 million. According to music-news.com Diddy is trying to refrain from spoiling his seven children with his considerable assets, although he does admit recently splashing out on a £250,000 limousine for his son, Justin, for becoming an Honours student.

He said: ‘Justin has turned himself around so I wanted to treat him. Maybe he will use the car for special occasions like on a first date, but like all my kids, he prefers the simpler things than the expensive things. Simple tastes.’ If you say so Diddy.

Forbes Magazine’s five top richest artists: 1. P. Diddy 2. Jay-Z 3. Dr. Dre 4. 50 Cent 5. Bryan 'Birdman' Williams

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