We've heard of bands taking their time to get an album right - and we're all in favour. You spend ages writing the songs, after all - you might as well take a bit of time to record them just how you want them. But we can't remember a time we've heard of a band re-recording an entire, finished, album because they don't think it's quite right.

Until now. Indie harmonisers Fleet Foxes, wowed the world of whiny guitar music in 2009 with their self-titled debut. (It had that one on it that goes 'I was following the I was following the I...' - you know the one.) So the pressure's on, in classic second-album fashion, for follow-up Helplessness Blues. But when the band sat down to listen to the finished product, they weren't happy.

'When we did the first mix of the album it was like, 'This is where we're at, not where we want to be',' singer Robin Pecknold told Uncut magazine, as reported in the NME. 'I felt there were things that could be improved. I wasn't being precious about it. I wanted the album finished and out as much as anyone. But as soon as we started re-tooling one or two of the tracks, that opened the floodgates.'

Before they knew it they'd basically re-recorded the whole damn thing. Will their efforts prove to have been worth it? You can find out when Helplessness Blues is released on 2 May.

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