Perry nice

Katy Perry’s star continues to rise, with her second album Teenage Dream slamming straight in at the top of the UK charts. That’ll be more lovely money for when she and her soon-to-be hubby Russell Brand settle over here.

Teenage Dream pushes Eminem’s massive selling Recovery off the top of the pile for only the third time since it burst in at number one 11 weeks ago. Lady Gaga and Plan B seem to be doing some serious numbers with their long players too, hanging around the Top 10 like a particularly fragrant pop smell.

  1. (-) Katy Perry: 'Teenage Dream'
  2. (1) Eminem: 'Recovery'
  3. (27) Biffy Clyro: 'Only Revolutions'
  4. (7) Mumford & Sons: 'Sigh No More'
  5. (4) Arcade Fire: 'The Suburbs'
  6. (-) The Pretty Reckless: 'Light Me Up'
  7. (-) Disturbed: 'Asylum'
  8. (6) Lady GaGa: 'The Fame Monster'
  9. (5) Eliza Doolittle: 'Eliza Doolittle'
  10. (2) Plan B: 'The Defamation Of Strickland Banks'

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