Perry v Wilson in California Girls spat

You young folk may not realise this, but before Katy Perry's summery smash, there was another song called 'California Girls' - albeit with a more traditional spelling. Look it up on Spotify or something - it's really good.

Anyway, despite the weird spelling, Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' is in part a tribute to the classic original, and guest singer Snoop Dogg says the classic refrain of the original - 'I wish they all could be California girls' - towards the end. And, well, there's the problem.

Although Beach Boys head honcho Brian Wilson, and his second-in-command Mike Love, say they like the new 'Gurls,' their record company Rondor Music has written to Perry's, Capitol, demanding a portion of the royalties for the song.

Boo, we say. It's not like it's a cover, or even based on a sample. If musicians had to pay royalties every time they made a little reference to other people's songs, hip-hop, for one thing, would be a lot less fun!

Besides, based on this video, it's Ke$ha, not the Beach Boys, who should be suing Katy Perry...

(But of course 'Tik Tok' and 'California Gurls' were both written by the same guy, Dr. Luke, so that's not gonna happen.)

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