Pete Doherty arrested, again *yawn*

You’d be forgiven for reading this story and thinking it was any day since the beginning of the decade, because, for the umpteenth time (seriously, is anyone keeping count?) Pete Doherty has been arrested - this time for suspected possession of heroin.

In a twist of ironic stupidity, the Babyshambles singer appeared in Gloucester Crown Court where he avoided jail for a driving offence. However, according to The Sun, when he left the building a clingfilm covered package dropped out of his pocket causing police to pounce.

‘The 30-year-old from Wiltshire who was arrested in Gloucester yesterday has been charged with possession of heroin and has been bailed to appear at Gloucester Magistrates court in January 2010, confirmed a spokesperson from Gloucestershire Constabulary.

Back tomorrow with another arrest.

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