Pete Doherty booked for royal gala?

Pete Doherty, self-styled poet of the gutter, seems to be going up in the world. Strong rumours suggest that he has been booked to play an exclusive show for the Monaco royal family.

The Rose Ball is one of the major social events in the Principality, the residence of tax exiles, Formula One drivers, past-it actors, fashion designers and assorted Eurotrash. Tickets start at £750 a head, crowned or otherwise.

The inevitable "friend" told The Sun, "A lot of people are expecting a glamorous evening. It's a serious ball with guests in formal attire. It's where wealthy locals like to be seen every year. Pete will need to be on his best behaviour."

Given that even the ex-Libertine’s best behaviour tends to fall some way short of what is deemed socially acceptable, guests may like to rely on more predictable entertainment from the other acts, Miles Kane, Mark Ronson and Imelda May.

Guests will include Prince Albert, Roger Moore and Karl Lagerfeld. Perhaps Lagerfeld, fresh from his faux pas of calling Adele "fat" will find Doherty’s wasted heroin chic look more to his taste.

Doherty has also booked a solo gig at the rather less glitzy Brixton Jamm on April 6, where he will showcase new material in an intimate acoustic show. Meanwhile, Carl Barat, once Doherty’s soul-mate and accomplice in The Libertines hints that the band may get together again soon, and "pick up where we left off". So, in Doherty’s case that would entail lots more fighting, scoring hard drugs and breaking into Barat’s flat to steal his possessions.

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