Pete Watermangate

If you’re going to complain about the music industry going posh, then best not do it on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. And that’s not just because it’s the epitomy of middle class values, but because it's also the favoured breakfast time listening of James Blunt's parents - who held no truck with the former pop impressario's claims that the music industry has become ‘snobbish’ and that too many modern pop stars have university degrees.

Jane Blount, mother of the squeaky clean popster, took the music producer to task in an email to the programme that said:

’I was most interested to hear Pete Waterman's thoughts on public school rock stars. His attitude is reflected by most of the critics in UK.

’My son, who is hugely appreciated worldwide, receives harsh criticism here and we have, rather sadly, been aware that it is because of his background. We are relieved that on the whole James's fanbase take no notice of the critics.’

Meanwhile his father Charles Blount told The Guardian: ‘It's ridiculous. The key question is not about background; it's to do with their talent. It's like racism or anything else: people should be judged on their talent, not their background.’

Hmm, maybe we all should all lay off James Blunt and start appreciating his unquestionable talent for emotional cliches and MOR hang-loose pop stylings?

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