Peter Andre turns down JLS offer

Every now and again a musical team-up comes along that puts your teeth on edge so much that it feels like the dentist is attacking your guns with a nail file. Why only earlier this month we had that former Westlife chap and his strangely androgynous wife promising an ear-bleeding duet, and now we have the terrifying prospect of Peter Andre joining current boyband hotshots JLS.

Apparently the chaps thought it would be a great idea (read: their PR people thought it might make a great headline) if the former pop star made a cameo appearance with the band. But while Andre was flattered, he’s too busy to start gyrating on TV again. Thank the Lord.

‘The JLS boys are great and I'd love to be the fifth member,’ he said, as the shutters of civilisation came tumbling down. ‘I hear that might come with dating one of The Saturdays, but that's fine by me.

‘I'm a very busy man at the moment, though, and I've had lots of great meetings about TV work recently. I can't wait to share it with you all.’

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