Peter Doherty to dedicate festival appearances to Amy Winehouse

The recent death of Amy Winehouse shocked just about everyone who has a passion for pop music. Her fans in and out of the industry were legion, and she was respected by most, even if her music wasn't everyone's cup of tea (there's no accounting for taste, after all).

Pete Doherty, another tremendous pop talent with demons of his own, plans to pay his respects by dedicating his summer festival appearances to the deceased soul sensation. The Libertine is headlining the Festival Republic stage at Leeds Festival on August 26, and follows that up with a set at Reading two days later. His plan is to cover some of her songs as a tribute; a nice touch, if you ask us.

'Pete was really good mates with Amy and he's still really cut up about her death,' a friend told the Daily Star Sunday. 'He hopes to help get rid of his demons by dedicating his festival gigs to her memory. He loved her music and hopes he can do it justice.'

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