Peter Gabriel covers himself

With his arch-rival the newly retired Phil Collins out of the picture, you’d think Peter Gabriel might have half an eye on a reunion of the original Genesis line-up. But no. The Solsbury Hill singer is too involved in his solo projects, making a return to the studio to rerecord his own classic songs (Shaking the Tree, Mercy Street, the one with kate Bush …)this time with a grandiose orchestral backing.

The star’s last album Scratch my Back was a makeover of tracks by, among others, David Bowie, Lou Reed and the Magnetic Fields. The idea was for Gabriel to cover their tracks, and then in return for each artist to reciprocate the favour somewhere down the line. A fine idea, though it didn’t exactly pan out. Anyway, on this new release Gabriel covers safer territory by covering his own songs. With a repetoire spanning 14 albums, he’ll have a fair bit to choose from.

The Eden project guru has teamed up once again with the New Blood Orchestra for the project. Production will start after the star completes a 12-date tour of North America in the summer.

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