Peter Kay to host Brit Awards

Ever since Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood fell flat on their arses whilst hosting the Brit Awards, there’s been an air of anticipation and added pressure to every host thereafter. But with next year's Awards being the 30th anniversary special, organisers of the event have decided to play it safe and opted for northern funnyman Peter Kay to helm.

According to The Sun, Kay has been top of the wish list forever and is now confirmed.

‘Peter was the clear first choice,’ said the newspaper’s source, ‘and everything has now been agreed. It's a special Brits because it's the 30th anniversary so we needed a big name. There's no-one with a better pedigree or a better style of delivery which appeals to all ages.’

Previous hosts include Russell Brand, Chris Evans, Frank Skinner, Zoe Ball and Ben Elton. The Brit Awards 2010 will take place in February.

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