Phenomenal is an understatement

The Phenomenal Handclap Band are exactly that, phenomenal. They are American born and doing the rounds of UK festivals so if you see them on a line up make sure you get down the front.

An inspiring mix of 70s inspired disco and modern electro The Phenomenal Handclap Band are making instant classics that set your ears alight and make even the most static crowd have an appreciative wriggle. Their influences are far reaching, and with up to 10 players on stage you’ll be able to pick out whatever genre turns you on.

As well as being ferociously good at their respective instruments there’s a chemistry on stage that will suck you in a spit you out happier.

The eponymous debut album has been met with rapturous acclaim because it is brilliant. The NME love it “TPHB's Tardis of a debut encapsulates the nostalgic elements of ESG, ELO, Tom Tom Club, The Doors and Sly And The Family Stone, applies a gloss of New York cool and then re-packages it with the modern production of the LCD soundsystem, CSS and Beck variety. Forget the handclap, they'll take a standing ovation.”

The Guardian love it “The PHB are astronauts of progressive soul, moored at the stellar point where rock, funk and psychedelia bloom into cosmic-disco amazingness.” And if you’ve got ears, eyes and/or a soul you will love it too. You’ll have to, it’s awesome.

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