Phil Collins: I don't like music

Former Genesis drummer Phil Collins has admitted something that many have long suspected: he doesn't like music.

The 60-year-old retired from music earlier this year due to ongoing health problems and admitted in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that he rarely listens to music in his spare time.

‘I actually don't like music that much. I don't listen to music. My youngest daughter, Lily, she’ll play me stuff and I’ll say, 'Wow, that’s great, who’s that?' But, really, no,’ Collins told the Telegraph.

The against all odds singer decided to call time on his forty-year career back in March. He cited hearing problems, nerve damage, back pain and his desire to spend more time with his sons as the reasons behind his decision.

English art-rockers Foals, however, are hoping that they can convince Collins out of retirement to collaborate on new material telling the NME that ‘We'll help him [Collins] drum again.’

Can you not just let sleeping dogs lie lads?

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