Phoning it in

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson was a paranoid wreck towards the end of his life, constantly worried about people coming after him. The fact that he was in terrible pain and living almost entirely on a diet of pain killers can’t have helped. However, it takes a certain level of paranoia to record your vocal tracks down a mobile phone to producers, lest someone leak them.

That’s what Jacko apparently did while recording the songs that have become ‘Michael’, his latest posthumous album. Sony had to spend a huge sum of money analysing the voicemails to make sure that the tracks were even genuine, while also paying off people claiming co-writing credits to the tune of £5million. This will no doubt be peanuts compared to the amount of money that will be made from the album’s sales, mind you.

‘A large chunk of the album came from voice mails,’ said a source to The Sun. 'Michael was certain new stuff would get out so he decided to sing lyrics down the phone.

‘After Michael's death last year there were question marks over whether the messages would be able to be used. Record bosses were worried whether it would come off at all. Luckily it did, but it hasn't been an easy process.’

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