PiL to definitely record

John Lydon has said that Public Image Limited will definitely record new material after their upcoming mini tour of the UK, if they can scrape the money together.

The band have made a relatively high profile comeback recently (funded off the back of Lydon’s Country Life butter adverts), but they lack backing from a record company. Without which they’re relying almost entirely on the money they make from the tour to fund any new recordings.

‘Yes, if I raise the money from this, I most definitely will (record new material),’ he said to BBC 6music, before explaining that he’s used to doing things on a shoestring. ‘What you've got to understand with is that every single time we recorded we only had one take, no money.

‘The Jam would pull out of Goldhawk Road (after recording),’ he said. ‘They're writing their new hit wonderful album because they have lots of record company backing. We knew they'd left so we'd run in, quickly record it, and that's Metal Box for you. That's basically the John Lydon approach to music – wham, bam, thank you ma'am.’

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