Piling up for Michael Jackson

Concert promoters AllGood Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson which has been designed to stop Wacko from performing his 50 date residency at the O2 arena.

The promoters have claimed that he is under contract to perform with them in a Jackson 5 reunion tour, which would possibly be the most ghoulish thing ever in the history of pop, and are seeking $20million damages from the star and rival promoters AEG.

According to the contract he wouldn't be allowed to perform the London gigs until at least three months after the reunion in 2010.

However, the gigs themselves could be in serious doubt if his former publicist Arthur Phoenix knows his onions. He claims that Jackson is in no fit state perform.

'I just don't see it happening. I think there were 10 shows planned and then ticket sales were overwhelming and another 40 concerts were added,' he said. 'But Michael is not mentally, physically or spiritually ready for these shows. There's something missing in his soul. He's like Mike Tyson - it's over!

'There are family members who feel the same way but they're afraid to speak.'

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