Pink Floyd reform in 2011!

If you’re a fan of overblown psychedelic 70’s prog-rock then you’re in luck because the pioneers of such music - Pink Floyd, are about to reform for a mammoth 28 date tour in 2011. Of course, due to inane bickering between Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters it won’t quite be the full Pink Floyd experience, but it's either that or locking yourself in your room, closing the curtains and blaring out the old tunes.

Breaking the news at a London press conference, Roger Water’s announced he is to perform Pink Floyd’s seminal 1979 album ‘The Wall’ in its entirety next year. ‘I can't imagine that aged 80 I'm gonna be one of those guys who does 55-date tours’ said the leg-end, ‘I'm 66 now, so I think there will come a point where I just don't want the physical demand. At the moment I'm pretty fit and I have no qualms about doing this one. But I have started to work out regularly, because it is physically quite demanding.’

UK date are: London O2 Arena (May 11, 12 and 17), Manchester Evening News Arena (20, 21) as well as Dublin's O2 Arena (May 23) and a series on US shows. Tickets will be available from 0871 230 1094 at 9m on the 4th June.

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