Pitbull's 'We Are One' ft JLo and Claudia Leitte confirmed as World Cup 2014 song

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BREAKING NEWS: FIFA has just confirmed with a tweet that the official song of the upcoming football World Cup 2014 in Brazil will be called 'We Are One'. Latino bad boy Pitbull has also taken it to Twitter to reveal that he'll be the one singing it together with superdiva Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte.

Few days ago Pitbull wrote on Twitter "Thank you @JLo and @ClaudiaLeitte for bringing music, sports and the world together with me #WeAreOne", adding "Put your flag's up in the sky and wave them side to side #WeAreOne" - which is a clear sign that Bronx-born former X Factor USA judge JLo will definitely be featuring on the rapper's song together with Brazilian 'The Voice' coach singer Leitte.

FIFA confirmed the song choice today with an update stating: "Can you imagine a #WorldCup without some great sounds from top musicians? Stand by for some exciting news tomorrow #WeAreOne".

We've managed to retrieve a demo version of the chosen song which, despite featuring a different singer, still gives us an idea of how the track 'We Are One' is going to sound like. Watch it here:

VIDEO World Cup 2014 song: 'We Are One' Demo Version

The lesser-know star involved in the collaboration, Claudia Leitte, is currently a mentor on 'The Voice' Brazil but gained popularity by performing Axé, a captivating kind of music born in Bahia that combines traditional Brazilian rhythms such as Frevo, Forró and Carixada (usually played during celebrations linked to the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomblé) with West-Indian music. Leitte's pop-sexy-exotic sound, JLo and Pitbull's urban flavour, the catchy demo, a huge international audience: we have all the necessary ingredients for 'We Are One' to be a hit.

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