Pixie Geldof - talented?

God bless the Geldof brats; there’s barely a person alive who can unite the nation the way they do; no-one can stand the sight of their gurning privileged mugs slapped across the tabs after another night at London’s trendy Funky Imam, or whatever it’s called. Ooooh they make us all itchy with envy at their youth.

So there’s something galling about the idea that one of them might actually be genuinely talented and make a career for themselves in music. It’s not like musical talent runs in the family or anything, after all. So how is it that Pixie Geldof is about to get signed up for a bit of recording?

Pixie has a great voice and is a genuine talent,’ said some source to The Sun. ‘But she is known for her late-night partying and is considered too much of a risk at the moment.

‘If she can prove she can behave and have a few early nights she will be snapped up.’ Since when was partying a bad thing for a pop star?

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