Pixies set to release Minotaur box set

Indie rock legends the Pixies are set to release a multimedia box set eighteen years after the release of their last album. The box set, entitled Minotaur, will feature all of the band's five albums as well as EPs, a 54-page book, a DVD of their videos as well as a 1991 gig at the Brixton Academy in London.

Minotaur will come in two different editions: the deluxe and a limited-edition box set which will retail at £119 and £187 respectively. The more expensive option will include vinyl copies of the Pixies' albums, a 72-page book and a limited-edition inkjet print by Vaughan Oliver.

The box set sadly features no new Pixies songs and none of the albums have been remastered, but it is bound to be a hit with hardcore fans. Minotaur is set be released on 15 June.

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