Plan B goes for plan A instead: film before festival

A jack of all trades but a master of none? Plan B has controversially pulled out of the Jersey Live festival, due to take place on 5 September, due to a clash of dates for his directing a new movie called 'Ill Manors', NME reports.

The singer, whose real name is Ben Drew, had his agent post a statement on the Jersey Live website to announce their failure to reconcile the production schedule for his film with his performance at the gig: 'We are very sorry that we have had to cancel and apologise to those fans who were looking forward to seeing him perform.'

Drew has previously starred in a number of movies, including 'Harry Brown' and '' This latest venture is said to be a hip-hop musical set against the tough street scene of the Forest Gate area in London.

Other bands still set to perform at the festival include Kate Nash, Biffy Clyro and Paul Weller.

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