Plan B happy if PM enjoys his music

Rapper Plan B has said he would be perfectly happy if Prime Minister David Cameron enjoyed his music. Although there is no confirmation from Number 10 that Cameron is a fan, Plan B would be cool either way.

His attitude shows the generation gap among British musicians. Although Paul Weller and Johnny Marr have been dismissive of Cameron’s fondness for their music, Plan B takes a more tolerant approach.

"You can't treat politicians like they're some alien race," he told NME. "But obviously I wouldn't go straight back and say, 'I really like David Cameron, too – let's have tea and f**king scones together', because that's never going to happen."

The new album, Ill Manors. has some strong political themes in the lyrics, and the rapper is on record as blaming Cameron for last year’s riots in the UK. He is also concerned that young performers are being encouraged to crave celebrity status rather than work on their art. He blames X Factor.

"No disrespect to anyone involved in those shows but all they do is boost your profile as a celebrity," he said. "There are a lot of pop acts with just a pretty face and a half-decent voice. They don't even write their own sh*t. I'm lucky enough to have a gift that allows me to create things from nothing: music, films, fictional characters. Others don't have that, so their work goes into their image as a celebrity."

Plan B has joined the bill for the London iTunes festival, headlining the Roundhouse in Camden on September 4.

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