Plan B should win

It’s not just us that think Plan B should be sweeping the boards at this year’s Brit Awards: even his rivals think so. Well one of them at least. Mark Ronson has said that there is no chance of him winning the British Solo Male prize, and that Plan B was the stand-out artist.

We agree with this analysis, so much so that we would go as far as to say that it would be an outrage of Tony Harrison proportions if he’s not up there thanking his family, friends and fans for winning this wonderful award.

‘I have no chance unless some strange thing happens where Tinie (Tempah) and Plan B split the vote,’ he told the Daily Star. ‘It's going to be tight. Maybe then they'll have to have a recount like the 2004 presidential election in America. Maybe they'll be disqualified."

‘I think Plan B is the stand-out artist. I listen to that album a lot. Tinie had a great year, too, but just from the point of view of career reinvention, what Plan B did was really brave and he made an awesome album all by himself.’

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