Plan free

Plan B has said that he might release his next album for free. The rapper, who made it big this year with the concept pop/soul album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, says that he wants his next album to be a hip-hop record which will probably ruin all of his well-earned stardom.

‘I’ll probably drop back into obscurity again and everyone will think I was a one-hit wonder,’ he said in an interview with The Metro. ‘People who are fans of good music will like my hip hop record but how the whole Plan B thing went crazy this year, I don’t think they’ll go crazy like that over the next album.

‘I’m not going to water down my hip hop. I’m not going to do what radio want. That’s selling out. I want to swear and talk about f***ed up s***. If I want to talk about something radio won’t play, why should that stop my creativity? Hip hop can be so vivid. As soon as I take out the swear words and go from something dark to going on about partying and drinking champagne it’ll be the same as all the other s*** out there. That’s not poetry. I’ll do different types of music on a major label and put out my hip hop independently.’

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