'Playing guitar stops baldness'

Is this 'Prince Is A Nutter Week'? Yesterday we reported that the half pinter thinks that the internet is well and truly over (yeah, whatever wee man). Well that was nothing; today we’ve heard that he thinks playing guitar stops baldness.

Talking utter gibberish to The Mirror, the musical demi-god said: ‘playing electric guitar your whole life does something to you. I'm convinced all that electricity racing through your body made me keep my hair. Music is my life. It's my trade. If I can't get it out of my head I can't function. I think I'm improving all the time. When I listen to my old records I'm ashamed of how I played them.’

Check back tomorrow when Prince tells us we’re all Smurfs from the planet Zorg awaiting the gatekeeper of time to come and save us.

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