Playtime is over between Wiley and N-Dubz

Wiley has taken the unusual promotional angle of slagging off the group he collaborated with only weeks after they finished recording a track, and before it’s even been slated for release.

The grime legend recorded Na, Na, Na with current hot young things N-Dubz for their new album, which is due out in November, but before they even had a chance to decide whether it is going to be a single or not, Wiley has already announced that he’s not going to talk about the song, and that he doesn’t give a toss about them. Nice.

‘Everyone only cares about themselves,' he said. 'I don't care about them and I don't want to talk about the single. They can talk about that themselves. You know why? Because I featured on a track for them, so it's not for me to promote it - that's their job.

‘What's happening now is that the charts are open, and although a lot of people are working together, everyone just wants to chart themselves, not other artists.

Where I'm older (30-years old), I can say, “you know what? Good for them.” They don't give a damn about Wiley, they just care about themselves. We are not friends anymore, we're competition.’

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