Please reform, pleeeaaaase

We reported the other day that Blur had briefly got back together in the studio in order to record a single that won’t help save record shops in the slightest (especially when you’re dozy enough to only print 1,000 copies), but despite that there are no current plans for them to get together for real and make an album. However, should their record company have anything to do with it, they’d be whipped like hounds into producing more lovely money for him and his shareholders.

The band broke up after Graham Coxon left the sessions that would eventually turn into 2003’s Think Tank, their final LP, abut now Parlophone president Miles Leonard wants the gang to get back together for real, and release another album.

‘They sound as competent and as strong as they've ever sounded before,’ he said to BBC 6 Music. ‘I just hope that from hearing a song like this that the band feel there's more in them. We certainly do as a label and I'm sure when fans hear this they'll think the same.’

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